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Download the mobile apps and also the MacOS companion app on App Store.

How does it work?

Setup Your Project

Give it a name, and check the time against your camera.

Drop Markers

The marker time is determined when you started typing instead of the time you hit Enter.

Export Markers via Email

One project at a time, or all at once. The exported file will be attached to an email that you could send.

Ingest Your Media

Ingest in FCPX and export an fcpxml file with Create Date metadata for Markit! to process.

Importing Files

Import the Markit project file and the corresponding fcpxml by drag and drop.

Final Adjustment

Set an offset value or just hit export for your new fcpxml!

User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

"Mark it!" is often the filmmaking terms to signal the clapper to clap the slate. By putting it together it is also a marker toolkit as in Mar-kit.

This app is to enable filmmakers to create time-sensitive metadata which appears in your FCPX project as markers.

This app is currently in its public testing stage, hence it's still free for all! FCPX is simply the platform that I use most professionally. If this app gets enough momentum we will definitely try to support other NLEs.

The only thing that makes us different is our approach to notes taking.

We believe that instead of using set buttons to mark keywords, giving users a keyboard frees them from the hassle of looking for buttons, allow them to tap into their muscle memory of typing on a qwerty keyboard, so they could keep their eyes on the set, then type whatever comes to their mind.

That's it.

If you got the budget, go for more sophisticated apps that I personally salute. The reason I made this app is to create a stripped-down, simplistic, and accessible solution so that filmmakers in every level can have the choice. I will be equally grateful for you to use those other tools and encourges more developer to create software for filmmakers. At the end of the day, I just want to make my job easier.

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